Rekey Locks

When you need a new set of locks & keys, you don’t have to change the lock. When we rekey locks in Gatineau, we actually change only the key. When it comes to the lock, our techs only change the pins and their configuration. The philosophy behind this service is to set new pins in the cylinder and configure them in a way to match the ridges & grooves of the new key. This will keep all those in possession of your key (ex-employees, tenants, or landlords) to get Rekey Locks Gatineauin your property without your permission.

Another reason why Locksmith Gatineau can rekey your locks is to spare you from potential threats. This is when you move to a new office or house. But also when you lose the keys. Who can rely on a simple key replacement when the original key can be used by anyone to gain access to the property?

We can rekey locks urgently too

If you need lock rekey service in Gatineau, Quebec, we are here to help. Regardless of your personal reasons for wanting to rekey your locks, our company will offer fast assistance. You can also count on our quick response when the problem is rather urgent. Fear for your company’s security after the dismissal of a colleague? Lost your house key? Rely on our emergency service. We can rekey locks in a timely fashion.

Our locksmiths excel at creating master key system locks

Since rekeying locks involves changing the pins and configuring them the way to match the key, we can also turn the lock into a master lock. A master key system is helpful to all big commercial properties, schools, apartment buildings, offices etc. Our tech will put the pins to work with the master key but also the individual key of each door. This will give access to each tenant but also untie your hands since you will use one key for as many doors as you like.

Whether you want a master lock or emergency key change, we are the team to help. We are fast, effective, affordable, and experts in rekeying. Call us now if you want us to rekey locks in Gatineau today.